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In reality, however, these fruits are only some a small sample of the wide variety of delicious and exotic fruits that exist out there. With a climate that ranges from Himalayan to tropical, India has much to offer in terms of fruit diversity. It is only during the searing summers and cold winters of the subcontinent that some of these fruits appear on the rickety carts of street hawkers in Indian towns. The spiralling green-pink pods of jungli jalebi or kodukkapuli contain about shining black seeds enveloped in a thick sweet edible pulp.

While the pulp can be eaten raw or made into a drink similar to lemonade, the tangy seeds are used in curries. Carambola is a fruit with a waxy skin and a green to golden yellow color. The ripe fruit has a distinctly yellow colour, with slightly brown ribs, and it makes a great preserve or pickle.

Unripe ones are lime green, taste sour and are best eaten when sliced and sprinkled with a mixture of salt and chili powder.

They can be quite sour when unripe, but are perfectly sweet when ripe with a taste similar to a bittersweet grapefruit. Grown in: Throughout eastern and southern India especially in the Nilgiri hills. Strikingly similar in appearance to a tomato, a completely ripe japani phal is soft, sweet and tasty. The fruit, which is a native of China, spread to Korea and Japan and was initially introduced in India by European settlers in the early 20th century.

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Also called wild mango, a ripe ambarella has the puckering acidity of an unripe mango and the gentle sweetness of pineapple. Inside, you will find a sticky pulp, with a taste that ranges from very tart when raw to sweet-and-sour when fully ripe. One of the favorite fruits of wild elephants, chalta thrives in the wet soil and humid atmosphere of swamps and semi-tropical forests. The knobby grapefruit-sized fruits are yellow-green, and ripen to get a leathery brown covering.

Mildly sweet and acidic in taste, most locals value elephant apples not for their jelly-like pulp, but rather, their crunchy outer petals. Unripe fruits are often pickled or used for chutney. Since they are a major source of food for elephants, monkeys and deer, it is prohibited to collect them from the core areas of the forest. An unusual member of the citrus family, chakotras or pomelos have the taste of a slightly sour grapefruit without the bitterness and acidity, coupled with gorgeous floral overtones.

A nutrition rich wild berry, karondas are pink coloured fruits with tiny seeds at its core. Removing the thin skin can be tiresome, but the effort is well worth it. The fruit is also used to make toddy, a local alcoholic beverage. It is mostly eaten ripe and fresh, with a sprinkling of salt and black pepper. Golden yellow berries with a melting fruity sweetness, khirni or rayan is a member of the Sapotaceae family found across the tropics that also includes sapota or chikoo.

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Phone number.Fruits are an integral part of the human diet and contribute towards nutrition, as they are rich sources of fibre, vitamin C and water. The supermarkets today have an array of fruits not only from India but from across the world. The colour, the fragrance of the fruits are sure to assail the senses of anyone strolling down the perishable section of the supermarkets.

But research shows that organic, local produce has far more value in terms of nutrition, and India has for you wide variety of delicious and exotic fruits that are grown locally in India. These increasingly rare, minor fruits are collected from the wild and eaten mostly by the locals, but find their way into the markets during the searing summers and cold winters of the subcontinent. Resembling the Indian sweetmeat Jalebi, the spiralling green-pink pods of jungli jalebi or kodukkapuli contain about shining black seeds enveloped in a thick, sweet, edible pulp.

While the pulp can be eaten raw or made into a drink similar to lemonade, the tangy seeds are used in curries. This fruit with a waxy skin makes a great preserve or pickle. While the unripe ones are green in colour and sour to taste, the ripened ones have a distinctly yellow colour, with slightly brown ribs are sweet. The fruit is grown throughout India, but especially in the Southern parts and have the following nutritional values:.

This exotic fruit looks like a lumpy lemon with elongated, yellow tentacles resembling gnarled human fingers. The fruit is aromatic and has a mild and zesty flavour. This small, translucent, orb-shaped fruit, is quite sour when unripe, but perfectly sweet when ripe with a taste similar to a bittersweet grapefruit.

Cultivated only in a handful of regions in East and South India especially in the Nilgiri hillsthis fruit has the following properties:. This tropical fruit is fragrant and the leathery purple-maroon shell surrounds a moist, snow-white and sweet fleshy interior. The flavour of the fruit is mellow and earthy, and is similar to mango in taste. Mangosteen is the national fruit of Thailand.

indi fruit

They flourish in the Southern parts of India and have the following properties:. A temperate fruit, Japani Phal is the local, Himachali name of the exotic, deep orange-red-coloured, luscious persimmon.

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The ripened fruit is soft, sweet and a gastronomic delight. The fruit is a native of China and was introduced in India by European settlers in the early 20th century.

Also called wild mango, a ripe ambarella has the puckering acidity of an unripe mango and the gentle sweetness of pineapple. They can be enjoyed as a juice, as a pickle, as flavouring in fruity cocktails, and as simple slices, sprinkled with salt and red chilli powder.

Karondas are wild berries rich in nutrition. The flesh of the unripe fruits is delicious, and when ripe they act as a good substitute for cranberries. The fruits are commonly used in jams and sweet pickles.The company offered six of its ferries for sale in Juneciting the fact that "trade had dwindled to the vanishing point" [1] and service ceased in August In addition the company operated two other vessels between the United States and Cuba.

indi fruit

She was built by Craig Shipbuilding Company of Toledo, Ohioin [4] and appears, from photographic evidence, to be the only ferry in Cuban service fitted with a stern gatea U. Coast Guard requirement for Great Lakes car ferries. The Henry M.

Flagler and the Joseph R. It is believed she only made approximately a hundred trips before service to Cuba was suspended. Cars were loaded and unloaded by crane and cradles. The company also operated an automobile and passenger ferry, the City of Havanabetween Key West and Havana. All the car ferries were active till the cessation of service except for the Grand Haven which had been retired in In the railroad section of the January Official Railway Equipment Registercars were listed.

No transfer of commodities was necessary upon arrival or railcars in Havana; Cuban railways handled the railcars directly to consignees. WIF boxcars did regularly operate throughout the United States. Cargo carried northward included tobacco, refined sugar, pineapples, rum, tomatoes, slaughterhouse byproducts, and scrap metal.

Cuban bound freight included less-than-carload merchandise, manufactured goods, chemicals, lard, railway equipment, temperate zone fruit such as apples, pears, and grapes, meat, dairy, steel products, and machinery, including oversized loads. After the war, FEC did not resume car ferry service. Very little documentation exists on this company and possibly service did not last for an extended period.

Service started some date after World War II. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. New York Times. June 2, Disclaimer: All efforts have been made to make this image accurate.

However Compare Infobase Limited and its directors do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authencity of the same. Maps of India - India's No. Agriculture in India. Health Benefits of Jamun Fruit. Groundnut Soyabean Coconut Rapeseed.

indi fruit

Tea Production Map. Coffee Production Map. Sugar Production Map. Commercial Crops Production Map. Food crops Production Map. Fruits Map of India. Disclaimer Close. Which States Share Boundary with China? India, in total, shares land borders with 6 sovereign countries. China is one of those.

Below are the Indian states which share borders with the country. Jammu and Kashmir This northern state of India is mostly located in the Himalayan mountains.

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It shares a… Read More Which States Share Boundaries with Pakistan? The India Pakistan Border is quite intriguing. Since India has installed 1,50, flood lights on… Read More Sanskrit is considered as Dev Bhasha, the language of Gods. It has a history of around years. It used to be a primary language of ancient India. However, it is fading… Read More Users are requested to review the revised Privacy Policy before using the website services, as any further use of the website will be considered as User's consent to MapsofIndia Privacy Policy and Terms.

We follow editorialcalls. About India. Transport in India. Cities Of India. Travel to India. Government Schemes. India Utilities:. Click here for Customized Maps. Free Download. Close Disclaimer: All efforts have been made to make this image accurate.There are a number of varieties of products that are listed on this website. HI, cath Thank You so much. If you wish so reply me. Thanks for this list. Fruits are very good health benefits. We should always take fruits in our diets.

I always shop fruits online because I don't get time for shopping. This blog is very informative. All in one directory for fruits. Includes recipes too. I really appreciate your efforts that was put in to collect the data. All in one directory for vegetables includes recipes too. Wow, I really appreciates your efforts. Thanks for sharing this post. Thank you for your post. This is excellent information. It is amazing and wonderful to visit your site. Online dry fruits shopping is really good.

I always shopdry fruits online because it save my time and money. Many more frouts available in India. Its know every one but many more frouts available. List of Fruits in India. Gexton June 27, at PM.This list of national fruits is arranged alphabetically by country. Some national fruits are officially designated, some are unofficial.

Each grape is significant to a month, as well as a particular meaning. The most common meaning behind consuming the grapes is prosperity in each month.

However, eating the grapes are also said to bring luck and ward off evil spirits.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. Archived from the original on 9 May Retrieved 21 January Retrieved 9 November This cultivar is also known as kluai khai in Thailand which has a similar meaning, that being "Egg Banana. Retrieved Archived from the original on Strategic Book Publishing. National Symbols of Jamaica. Government of Pakistan.

Council of Europe. The encyclopedia Americana. National symbols list. Country coats of arms State flags. Categories : Edible fruits Lists of foods Lists of national symbols Lists of plants. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short description Incomplete lists from November All articles with failed verification Articles with failed verification from June Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Punica granatum. Chicken egg banana chek pong moan in Khmer. Musa aromatica. Central African Republic. Musa acuminataMusa balbisianaor Musa paradisiaca. Passiflora mollissima P. Prunus persica var.Vitamin C is one of the most important Vitamins required by the body. It also has immunity boosting functions and hence, is recommended for consumption during the winter season, when the body might get exposed to viruses causing common cold and other diseases.

Vitamin C is commonly found in fruits and vegetables, which we often fail to include in our daily meals and diet. Bell peppers are among the highest sources of Vitamin C, for vegetarians. Bell peppers are highly nutritious, have numerous health benefits and are also definite taste enhancers in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

They have a lot of pro-heart benefits and have also been known to prevent cataracts, blood clot formation in the veins, which in turn reduces the risk of heart strokes and diseases. One half cup of raw red bell peppers packs as much as mg of Vitamin C. Guava is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent and is extremely rich in Vitamin C, containing as much as mg of Vitamin C in a gm serving. This much Vitamin C is over twice our daily intake requirement! They are also rich in other essential nutrients like dietary fiber, folic acid, potassium and manganese.

This makes them good diet super foods, as one gm serving contains just 68 calories. Guavas are very versatile fruits, and can be used in desserts, fruit salad, green salads, juices, jellies and cocktails. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes are all good sources of Vitamin C.

One medium sized orange contains as much as 70 mg Vitamin C. Orange juice is also a great diet fruit juice as one gm serving contains just 45 calories and 93 mg of Vitamin C!

The same amount of grapefruit juice contains 70 mg of Vitamin C. This small, bright green and fuzzy fruit from New Zealand, has even more Vitamin C than an orange, which is considered Vitamin C power house. They are also rich in flavanoids and copper. They have as much potassium as bananas and are ideal nutrition fruits for kids. Kiwis can also be used in desserts cakes and pastriesfruit juices, cocktails salad dressings, fruit salads, etc.

It also detoxifies your blood and flushes out harmful stuff. You can also add broccoli to you bowl of roasted veggies to enhance their nutrition profile. Strawberries are the most flavourful and the tastiest berries on the planet. They are rich in antioxidants, which are good for the heart and also essential for a gorgeous skin.

Just one gm serving of raw strawberries can meet half of your daily intake requirement. You add a cup of these frozen berries to your yogurt or ice-cream cups or make smoothies and juices out of them. Leafy green vegetables like spinach are pretty rich in Vitamin C, and are also the richest sources of plant nutrients.

One gm serving of spinach packs as much as mg of Vitamin C, which is just about enough for a day. Make sure you include some leafy greens in your meals everyday, to fulfill your daily Vitamin C requirement. For simplicity, follow the red, green, yellow rule, which pretty much includes all Vitamin C rich foods, including bell peppers red and greengreen leafy veggies, and coloured fruits like lemon and lime.

The fruit is consumed in a sweet pickled form, or is dried, made into a candy and then eaten. Some Ayurveda brands also sell Aamla juices, which are supposed to have immune-boosting properties, which protect the body against seasonal or other diseases.

One cup of fine diced cauliflower contains 45 mg of the Vitamin. The vegetables is widely consumed in India and is also a rich source of Vitamin K and folate. These bright red fruits, often mistaken as vegetables are pretty rich in Vitamin C, with one cup gm of raw diced tomatoes containing almost mg of the Vitamin.

Tomatoes are great for the skin as they have anti-inflammation properties and have a cooling effect on the skin. For breaking news and live news updates, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Read more on Lifestyle Latest News on India. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies.

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